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Oct. 15, 2015

Ariel Goldberg’s first book of poetry, The Photographer was published by Roof Books in 2015. Their book length essay The Estrangement Principle is forthcoming from Nightboat Books in 2016. Ariel is the Friday Night Coordinator at the Poetry Project.

Abeer Hoque is a Nigerian born Bangladeshi American writer and photographer. She likes spreadsheets, spicy food, and taking surreptitious photos of you. Ok that’s creepy. Her first book of fiction, the Lovers and the Leavers, is out now on evil Amazon, and will be in US bookstores this December. 

Kamau Ware is a Brooklyn-based photographic artist specializing in visual storytelling. He enjoys a genre of photography he invented called storystyleTM where the subject is secondary to the written and/or imagined story. Kamau’s work plays on his love of drawing along with a photographic vocabulary inspired by comic conventions. With story as the focal point of his practice, Kamau works with families, brands, and organizations to craft narratives that celebrate the joys of life. Kamau publishes books, fine art photo albums, and short films that tell important moving human stories at his storystyle photography lab in Red Hook, Brooklyn – Kamau Studios LLC.